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3 in 1 Modular VRU – V-Tech Energy Services
Three Stage Compressor


3 in 1 Modular Vapor Recovery Unit

V-Tech Three Stage VRU

Combination Units are Available for Multiple Well Sites and Single Well sites.

Provide Both Localized Fuel Supply and to Feed Infrastructure.

                    1st Stage – High Volume Blower Compressor

                    2nd Stage – Screw Compressor Variation

                    3rd Stage – Combination of Both

Customizable to any compression requirements.  Skid units available.

modular vru


  • 8.5’ x 22’ Enclosed Trailer with 3- 6000 lb. axles
  • Sectioned and Vapor barrier added for GEN SET and Electrical Controls in rear compartment
  • Interior is Vapor Barrier and Sheeted Aluminum over Wood                                                                                                 (note this is an upgrade so there are no exposed combustibles)
  • Both stages run with a Horner PLC Panel, programming included.
  • Unit standardized to move 13 E3M3 at 2 psi inlet (customizable).
  • Completely wired and programmed.
  • Suction pressure set at 7kpa on first stage with discharge of 2- 14 psi.
  • 2nd stage inlet at 2 psi and discharge of 70 – 120 psi.
  • Pre filter installed on inlet gas.
  • Both coolers designed for 20-degree Celsius discharge temperatures.
  • High Temperature shutdowns added to Blower and Screw Compressor.
  • Generator, sized and installed to meet KW requirements of compressors and any additional power sources.

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